Because of that, tour to HaLong Bay has always been the popular choice of tourists who have the desire to experience the majestic nature and cultural tradition of HaLong Bay. (Genesis Halong Cruise)

Genesis Halong Cruise

Of those trips, overnight tours on luxury cruise are still being organized and offered with a wide selection of quality and price options. This type of tour was formed more than 20 years ago and is currently still growing, attracting many investors and international tourists. This is also one of the most attractive tours in Vietnam for tourists.

However, unlike overnight tours, the one-day join tours to HaLong Bay, especially those from Hanoi, still has not received a deserved attention from tour operators because of reasons such as low profit, far distance, old transportation, unattractive schedule, English-only tour guides… Therefore, many tourists that chose the join tour to HaLong remarked that these join tours only serve the purpose of ‘get to know’ Ha Long Bay and not have a ‘truly enjoyable experience’ about HaLong. Genesis Halong Cruise.


People often say that spending only 1 day in HaLong Bay is not enough, and we will prove the opposite.  Team of Genesis Halong Cruise with passion, enthusiasm and experience will hold a great day tour to HaLong Bay that could overcome all the downsides of a day-tour trip mentioned above. Join us and experience the natural wonder of the world – Ha Long Bay.

About the Genesis Halong Cruise

Genesis Halong Cruise is the latest brand in the cruise industry in Ha Long Bay. Be founded by CEO Lukas Tran who was a Sales and Product Manager of Gray Line Halong Cruise. He just left Gray Line after nearly four years on post.

’Genesis Halong Cruise is combining the luxury in service and unique local culture. With our new iron boat with traditional decoration theme, we do not only introduce the stunning nature of Halong bay but also the unique culture of Vietnam. That makes your trip to visit the land of dragons with fully enjoyment experience. Halong day tour used to be known as uncompleted tour with a lot of reasons and many people said, one day is not enough, so Genesis’s target is the solution for all above matters and prove that, one day tour Halong is will be a new trend.
‘’With us, you will comfort on way, to laze on board’’ (CEO Linh Tran).

Genesis Halong Cruise is combined by the rich experience of the head and the enthusiasm, the new ideas of the youth. On top of that, the love with Ha Long Bay has created a new team, new brand. This is also considered a start-up project with the motto of “Think big – Do small”. ‘Think big’ means carrying the macro plans, along with specific development strategies in each stage of the company. In addition, the “Think Big” will always help the head of the company and their team to build the best quality products, to take the trends and tastes of customers. As well as bringing the most experience to customers for their trip to Vietnam, especially the beautiful place – Halong Bay. While ” Small ” means that in order to implement big ideas and plans, it is necessary to start by small. Instead of following the big investment of sleeping vessels, the project started with a completed product of Ha Long 1 day tour from Hanoi. Making small also means bringing the most enjoyable experience for customers to set up products, completed every details as boat’s interior decoration, dishes, tour itinerary…to ensure guests will have a complete experience for a trip to Ha Long not only beautiful nature but also experience the local culture. ” Small ” also means that things from the smallest things like sales, operations or customer care … to ensure the professionalism of the staff, the quality of the product that the company carries to the customer. Genesis is geared towards customer focus, providing the experience that customers want.
At present, the company structure consists of two divisions, the sales-operation-customer service office in Hanoi and the service-delivery office at Tuan Chau Marina, Halong.
The Halong Genesis Cruise

Company’s Product Development Orientation:
Genesis Halong Cruise started the project with the Halong tour one day, the immediate goal of the company is taking the new trend of HaLong day cruise from Hanoi. This will be the main tour of Ha Long in the coming years due to some reasons as increasing ticket prices, Ha Noi – Ha Long highway system is completed, better quality of transportation… Besides, it is found that the tour Ha Long 1 day to join the guests have not really many organizers focus, so there are still many limitations. And Genesis will give customers the most complete product to have the trip to Ha Long really comfortable as well as complete experience of destination. And, the company is also the first unit in Hanoi to apply smartphone technology on language support applications for travelers who could not speak well English by audio guide system. In addition, the using of luxury limousines also to create comfort for guests on the road. Experiencing the Halong bay, besides the service, the route (itinerary) also plays an important role, so Halong Genesis Cruise chose route number 2, visit the Sung Sot (Surprising) cave, the beautiful and largest cave HaLong, so guests will also have experience like an overnight cruise trip, that will help customer to save budget and time. In addition to looking for quality service, we also want our products to be local culture. That is why we chose the traditional wooden sail ship, décor interior is oriental style…
Product orientation of the company from now on will be “Tradition combined with luxury”.
The Halong Genesis Cruise