Bich Dong pagoda Ninh Binh

Bich Dong pagoda, the most unique ancient pagoda in the North of Vietnam

Ninh Binh is located 90 km in the South of Hanoi and is considered as a “the miniature North of Vietnam”. This land is favorable to nature, gathering three types of terrains, hills and mountains, coastal plain, sunken areas. As a result, the province has abundant and diversified natural conditions, a good habitat for animals and plants, and there are many kinds of rare animals and plants listed in the Red Book of Vietnam. In this article, we will visit one of the famous ancient relic, it is Bich Dong pagoda.

Ninh Binh has many beautiful landscapes such as Trang An Heritage, Bai Dinh Pagoda, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Cuc Phuong National Park and especially, Bich Dong pagoda is one of the famous destination to attract tourists many years.

Bich Dong pagoda
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Bich Dong pagoda is built on Bich Dong Mountain in Dam Khe village, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District. Bich Dong is one of the most famous destination in Ninh Binh Province, known as “Nam Thien De Nhi”, which means the second most beautiful of the South, after Huong Tich Cave in Ha Tay. On the occasion of spring, Bich Dong pagoda attracts many Buddhists and visitors to visit and sightseeing.

An ancient part of the Bich Dong pagoda

In 1705, there were two monks named Tri Kien and Tri The, a native of Dong Tien, in Nghia Hung District, Nam Dinh Province. Both monks have devotion, want to go to many places to spread Buddhism and build the temple. At this point, Bich Dong Mountain has beautiful location and has a pagoda, so two monks decided to stop, repair themselves to the old temple, go to rebuild the temple into three pagodas: Lower, Middle and Upper to lead a religious life. In the year 1707, two monks Tri Kien and Tri The cast a large bell, still are hanging in Darkness cave.

Bich Dong pagoda
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This pagoda was built according to type the word “triangle” in Chinese characters, three buildings is not linked together, based on that mountain from low to high in three Pagoda separate, hidden under the canopy of ancient trees blue among rocks coincide.

The stone bridge leading to the gate of Bich Dong pagoda, which is grafted with blue stones. The 4-sphere staircase is carved in the shape of a dragon head.

Lower pagoda

There are 5 chambers on a higher platform at the foothills. In the Buddhist temple, the pagoda was built with ironwood. The stone columns in the pagoda are one block stone, not connected – making such pillars is a feat.

In the ground of Bich dong pagoda

In the middle there is a Chinese character written in Chinese: “Thanh Than Co Mo” – said Thanh Bach from ancient to present.

The big stone stele on the right is the name of the contributors who built Bich Dong Pagoda.

Central Pagoda

From the Lower Pagoda climb up 120 steps to Central Pagoda halfway up the mountain. Directly in front of the two characters carved into a cliff named as “Bich Dong”. This is a very unique pagoda: half open, half mounted in the cave, three pagodas worship the Buddha.

Tourist are happy to visit the cave of pagoda

Climbing 21 next steps, visitors will come to Darkness. In Dong cave, a large bronze bell was cast in 1707, with the poem engraved:

“Tư sơn lũy tích

Phúc Ngộ thiên duyên

Khai sơn tạc thạch

Uẩn khí lưu truyền”


“Once on the mountain

Blessed, grace

Open the mountain, chisel stone

Pure air circulating”

Most of the visitors often come up with 3 chimes as a reminder of their souls at the Buddha’s door to be serene.

There are three statues of majestic stone. The middle is the Buddha, the right is the Van Phu Bodhisattva, and the left is the Bodhisattva. The Stone Old Men Statue is worshiped in a small place of worship.

Bich Dong pagoda
The tomb tower of monks

Upper Pagoda

Step up to another 40 stone steps, you will reach to Upper Pagoda. This Pagoda is located in the highest position, near Bich Dong Mountain, worship Bodhisattva.

Inside the cave of Bich Dong pagoda

Upper Pagoda has two shrines on both sides: the right to worship the Earth, the left to worship Lord of the Gods and in the front to the Ngu Mon field. Standing on the Upper Pagoda, you can see the whole panorama of Bich Dong pagoda.

Bich Dong Pagoda is visited by many domestic and foreign tourists. Everyone complimented the scenery, the terrain of the pagoda with liberal views.

In the summer, when the fragrant lotus buds bloom around the lake in front of the pagoda gate, the more the incense for Buddha land, the more the mind of the soul.

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Written by Tracy Nguyen

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