Burned Rice Ninh Binh food cuisine – The value of Asian cuisine


Burned Rice-  Ninh Binh food cuisine was recognized as a special dish by the Asian Record Association under the criteria of “Value Asian cuisine”, and Vietnam Record Association- Top 50 well-known specialties Vietnam.

There are rare dishes that show the essence of Vietnamese rice grains like Burned Rice in ninh binh food cuisine. Not flamboyant, variant, fried rice in Ninh Binh used only the pure rice to show the value of “real jewel” of itself.

burn rice in ninh binh cuisine

The delicious Burned Rice must be hand-made and in the course of time-consuming process, the worker’s feat from selecting rice, cooking, making sauce to enjoy the dish. Raw material for burn rice is sticky rice, fragrant white rice. The rice is cleaned, poured into a copper pot or cast iron with thick sole; measuring the water just enough to cook ordinary rice to ripen rice is flexible. The cooked rice is fragrant, the plate is about 0.5 cm thick, the size of 10 cm x 15 cm, north on the kitchen continue to rotate the pot for 15-20 minutes, maintaining the temperature stable until when the rice is dry, a white surface of rice seeds, on the straw yellow side to see people associate rice field is in the golden season is ripe. Cooking is the most important stage. When the rice is pliable enough, the fire is soft, delicious.

Ninh Binh
burn rice in ninh binh cuisine

After burning, take out drying, store in plastic bags in dry, airy to eat, bring out crispy. Cooking oil or lard is poured into a boiling pan and then fired into the rice. The amount of edible oil must be enough to cover the burn rice needs fried. Fry until the pieces of rice are burning on the oil pan, then pick out, then the rice is burning to ensure the foam, crispy and aromatic. Flaming rice has many ways to eat. But eat when hot and mix with pork tenderloin sauce or mountain goat meat sauce in Ninh Binh is still the best way.

burn rice in ninh binh cuisine

Making sauces also needs to be technical. Normally, the heart is cooked with some vegetables such as onion, mushrooms, mushrooms, peas, carrots, tomatoes to create spicy, aromatic sauce. Special processing must be skillful enough to reduce the amount of just enough flour to the sauce is comparable to the fire. Pan-fried goat meat or goat’s milk is supposed to be better and better served with rice, because low-fat goat meat should be eaten in the same way as rice not easy to forget.

When eating, diners eat fire in the bowl and then the heart of the hot sauce, hot boiling, creating the boiling “puffy”, aroma smell, rice crispy tan, hot sauce, very attractive, bold unforgettable.

ninh binh food cuisine
burn rice in ninh binh cuisine

Burned Rice is not just a dish in Ninh Binh; it is also the essence of the culinary culture of the ancient land people throughout the long history of thousands of years. With its unique cooking and unique flavor, the fire rice deserves to be recognized as “Asian culinary value”, contributing to honor the Vietnamese rice grains and affirming the values of humid culture of Vietnam in general and Ninh Binh in particular.


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