Mua cave – a new interesting sight to discover in Ninh Binh

When you come to the Cave, you will have the flexibility to climb the top of the mountain through 486 stone stairs. From the top of the mountain, we can admire the whole beauty of the Tam Coc area with the vast rice fields, green country side…you also could choose a Mua cave tour to discover this place and more of Ninh Binh…


Ninh Binh tourism is increasingly becoming the focus of the country with Ninh Binh one day tour or prime tour in Ninh Binh, you admire highlight place as Tam Coc is gradually transforming itself into the harvest rice fields – the most beautiful season of the year. Especially, with the unique view at the Mua cave tour area, you will surprise to admire the panorama view.

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The path in Mua cave eco-tourism center – Mua cave tour
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From peak of Mua cave look down to Tam Coc rice fields – Mua cave tour

In early June, every year, the rice fields in Tam Coc are put on a brilliant yellow rice, dominant on the green piece of majestic mountains, drawing beautiful nature.
The river bends in the midst of the shining yellow of rice paddies, the farmers rush to harvest rice in laughter and small boats full of golden rice. All make a picture of the Tam Coc’s rice fields season bring charm to enchanter.

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View from the ground to peak of Mua cave

Especially, this year, Ninh Binh Tourism Week is the source of inspiration form the yellow paddy fields at Tam Coc to promote and introduce the special features, attractive and outstanding value resources in Ninh Binh tourism. As World Cultural and Natural Heritage – Trang An heritages.
According to travel experience in Ninh Binh of the group “Move To Change”, or booking with Ninh Binh one day tour to admire the Tam Coc’s rice fields season at the Mua cave tour.

Mua Cave peak
Be happy after conquering 500 steps of Mua cave mountain

Mua Cave is located at the bottom of the Mua’s mountain shaped large bell upside, about 800m2 wide. From the bottom of the mountain can see the white stone steps leading to the mountain, from the distance stairs together like the Great Wall to shrink. On the side of the stairs are ornamental lines on the stone with the dragon or phoenix carved with the image of the basics in the Tran period, very sharp and beautiful.
Mua cave tour Ninh Binh

Visiting the Mua Cave, visitors will be immersed in the atmosphere of rural life, a special experience that everyone must once in their life. One of the most distinctive features of this area is that it offers visitors to climb the mountain. When conquering nearly 500 steps to the top of Ngai Long moutain in the sky to move into the sunset, visitors will be immersed in nature and enjoy the panoramic picture of the Tam Coc’s rice fields season.

Mua cave tour
A grotto underground in Mua cave mountain – Mua cave tour

According to legend, Tran’s King, when he returned to Hoa Lu, established Am Thai Vi often to come here to hear the women, the singing and dancing. Therefore, this place was called as Mua Cave. To get here, you follow the national highway 1A to Ninh Binh city and turn to Trang An heritage or Tam Coc will visit Mua Cave. Along the way, you will go through many rice fields, villages with waterfront, rivers and lakes majestic mountains.

Mua cave tour
Mua cave peak among Ninh Binh country side

Standing on the top of Mua Cave, you can admire the magnificent landscape. The canal swept the boat down the paddle from the top of the mountain like leaves drifting down the water.
Unlike other crowed destinations, the Mua Cave has a beautiful culture that is peaceful, not everywhere. The program of music and music re-enacted the ancient royal landscapes in the tourist area is one of the highlights to preserve the culture of the thousand years of the nation.

Mua cave tour Ninh Binh
A lot of young couple also choose this place to save memory of life

Visiting Tam Coc – Bich Dong pogoda, not missing Mua Cave, climb to the top of the mountain and you will see the ancient capital of Hoa Lu appear before the mountain, very solid and beautiful, you will understand why this place was chosen as the capital of ancient Vietnam.

Of course, even the most fastidious visitors can hardly restrain the feelings by the beautiful scenery nowhere like here!
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Written by Tracy Nguyen

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