Biking activity in Ninh Binh tours

1. Biking activity in Ninh Binh Prime Day Tour: (Ninh Binh biking tour)

After reach Tam Coc town from Hanoi, Ninh Binh, we start to visit Tam Coc – Bich Dong, local village… by bike, Ninh binh biking tour, nearly 1.5 hours. in this activity, you will have the opportunity to experience the beautiful sceneries as well as the culture, the life style of the locals, the rice fields…There will be 3 stopovers in the bike ride:
The first is visiting Bich Dong Pagoda, an ancient pagoda located in the mountain cave, as known as The second greatest grotto in Northern (after Huong Pagoda).
The second stop is the Dam Khe local village, located in the middle of the village, to have a vivid image of life style in here.
The third stop is Vietnamese ancient villages, an outdoor museum (Co Vien Lau). This is a complete complex of an ancient village of Vietnamese with real houses those were collected from all the countryside in the Gulf of Tonkin.

2. What our biking different to other tours?
With strengths of rice paddies fields, mountains, local villages of Ninh Binh, Biking is a very highlight activity for a Ninh Binh tour. In recent years, many companies have been highlighted the program with many beautiful routes and diverse attractions. Bicycles are also invested in new, consistent. However, there is a problem that the organizers have solved and it is also the “enemy” of any outdoor tour, which is “rainy weather”. (Ninh Binh biking tour)
Ninh Binh bicycles that meet the rain, it will impact very much to the experience, could be cancelled, or slippery, dangerous… The reason is because the company will often give customers around the rice paddies, villages… means there are no specific attractions, so most of the time is outdoor. Also if the summer is too sunny, only cycling for more than an hour is also very tiring for guests.
So, to avoid the bad weather, ensuring the stability of the tour throughout the year, Genesis has offered its solution by optimizing the bike route, not too heavy, too long but a most optimized route, interesting scenery, and especially VISIT SPECIFIC POINTS.
In nearly two hours of cycling, visitors will be given three specific points:
1. Bich Dong Pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas in Ninh Binh, with three levels up to the mountain uniquely.
2. Dam Khe village, a village near Tam Coc, where local people live
3. Co Vien Lau, a model of an ancient Vietnamese village museum, was first included in a tour company (which will be talked later).
Combined with the scenery of the village, rice fields, mountains… will create an most optimal route for bike-visit-sightseeing.

Ninh Binh biking tour

3. What happened if rainy or too hot weather? (Ninh Binh biking tour)
Especially overcome the rainy weather, too hot sun … because with no cycling or not want to ride, our driver and van will take visitors to these specific attractions, on the road still stop to look. take a photo, then take a walk around, wait for the guide and the bikers to come to visit the site.
So when you tour Genesis, with biking activities, visitors will visit 3 sites above. If guests do not want to ride a bicycle or because of rainy weather or overheating, biking activities will not affect much because there is a back up plan to bring visitors to the attractions for morning activities.
Genesis, with its unwavering creativity, aims to “bring the most complete experience” to every traveler for their trip, hoping to get more interesting from customers.
Ninh Binh biking tour
Thank you for reading.

Sandie Chen
Customer care.

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