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Specialties of Goat Mountain Ninh Binh food

Hoa Lu has the advantage as many limestone karsts, mountains running vertically and horizontally. In the mountains the vegetation flourishes, is rich food for goats. The goats are naturally grazed; climbing on the cliffs, upright, eating leaves and the evening led the group again to sleep. With its characteristic toned, low fat and aromatic flavor, Ninh Binh food Goat Mountain has become a specialty that no place has ever been.

Goat farming is very popular in Ninh Binh, so the experience of choosing good goat meat is very clear. The goats weigh about 15 kg to 20kg, or at most 25kg, for processing, since at this level the goats are sweet, not too tough and not too soft. Over time with the variation of spices and raw materials, goat meat is now processed by local people into more than 20 different dishes, and they provide a lot of good elements for people’s health, especially for man’s strength. Typically as:

  1. Goat meat keep in husk

Goats Mountain after cutting the shaved clean hair, lemon leaves stuffed into the belly. Spread the goat body and burn the straw to set fire. Thanks to the heat of rice husk, goat meat will return yellow skin, to make a re-true meaning. Fermented rice husk finished not completely, no dehydration, when meat cut into small curls to eats soft and sweet.

  1. Stewed goat’s foot with herbs

Foot of goat shaved clean; bring the ceiling to hot water and cut pieces just eat. Assemble the package, pot of purple onion and spices to simmer. When the tap water is ready to serve the meat is hot. Stewed with vegetables and eaten with noodles are suitable for cold or rainy days. It is very good food for weak person, provide a lot energy.

  1. Steamed goat meat

Goat meat can be steamed with perilla or citronella. When eating with soy sauce with a little sugar added, eaten after spices, salt, bananas, bananas, pineapples are very cool, suitable for summer days. This is a very traditional way of Vietnamese to cook a food, to keep the most pure taste of meat.

  1. grilled goat meat 

Goat buy thinly sliced, washed, drained, marinated with Chao, ground pepper, oyster sauce, chili sauce, chopped lemongrass, garlic, powder flavor … for freshly baked scent.  And men’s favorite food in the banquet party with friends.

  1. Baked goat meat 

Goat meat cleaned, drained, sliced to eat. Mix sesame seeds and add some oil to fry and bring to the next. When eating satay mixed with Chao, eaten with perilla, basil, cinnamon … to feel the sweet taste of the dish.

  1. Goat steak

Sliced 3cm squid slices marinated in five flavors. Then fry in the kitchen for the meat again, pours a little water and white wine, potatoes and carrots until the water in the pot is still eatable. Food is good with bread, hot rice. it is nice as beef steak and this is a modern method to make a dish of goat meat.

  1. Grilled slab goat meat

Sliced goat meat, marinated with garlic, satay, seasoning, sugar and low oil. Let about 15 minutes to soak, then folded on the grill on the charcoal stove. On the cold baked grilled goat sat next to the grill with family is nothing, Ninh Binh food.

  1. Canned Goat meat

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This is a nutritious remedy for pregnant mothers, new sick to wake up. The soup is made from lean goat meat, medicinal herbs, carrots and other medicinal herbs such as condoms, death sentences, royal, ginger, red apples, wine…

  1. Goat stir-fried

Boil a small pot of water with vinegar, goat meat sliced thin past. Take away the goat meat, rinse, drain and then marinate with pineapple juice, curry powder, soup, seasoning seeds and a little garlic, ginger, citronella. Stir together with onion, sherry, seasoning just eat and then off the kitchen. Put on disk, sprinkle onion and peanut roasted on top and eat hot.

  1. Goat fried satay

Goat meat is marinated with satay, oyster sauce, vinegar, sugar, lemon grass, chili, flour… Marinate about 20 minutes. Pour the pan over the kitchen, non-aromatic garlic onion, stir fry quickly on fire. If you like it can be stir-fried with onions, sweet peppers. Cold food is very expensive, Ninh Binh food.

  11. Goat fried lemongrass chili

Goat Meat choose the front or back thigh, sliced beautifully and marinated with garlic, lemongrass, chili, and then stir quickly in large fire. When the meat is still, the bell peppers are stir fried, the chili has just turned off the kitchen, take the sprinkle a little sesame and roast. Ninh Binh food.

  1. Goat lime

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The main ingredients for this goat are fresh goat’s meat, thick lean meat and skin, thinly sliced goat, dipped in boiling water for a while and squeezed with lemon juice, ginger, garlic, chili, pepper, lemon slices fiber … when eating green bananas, lemongrass, fig fruits and dots with soy sauce is very suitable.

  1. Porridge Goat meat

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Goat meat is washed, drained, cut thin, salted, pepper, fish sauce, onion, ginger, non-onion, fried cooked to. Wash rice, add to the pot of clay, close to the goat stir-fried together to let goat meat sweet. When scooping porridge bowl, sprinkle more onions, herbs on top, eat hot. Food has a good effect on health.

  1. Goat hot pot

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Cold season, sitting around the spicy goat hot pot, with lemon grass aroma, onions, you can eat with tofu, vegetables, crispy fried beans … and sip the Kim Son wine is the good marriage. Ninh Binh food.

  1. “Nem” Goat

“Nem” goat is a cool dish. The sweet and sour taste of the goat mountain as a food eaten once will be difficult to forget. “Nem” goat is eaten with guava leaves, with green banana leaves, apricots, herbs dots with ginger, when eating eaters will feel sweet, spicy, fragrant spread. Ninh Binh food.

17. Goat’s blood

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Fresh goat’s blood is sweet and cool, often used for appetizers, served with basil, turmeric pepper, fresh chili, white wine. This is a very traditional special food of Vietnamese, it could made from blood of duck, pig…And be warned not to be tried by foreigner people. Ninh Binh food.

We do hope just take you around the table for understanding more about famous Ninh Binh’s goat meat and local cuisine in this destination. Let’s join Genesis Ninh Binh Prime day tour to enjoy all.

Written by Tracy Nguyen
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