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Ninh Binh restaurant Chez Loan – Inspring your Ninh binh vacation

Coming to Ninh Binh – the ancient capital is rich in cultural values with many famous sights that make so many domestic and foreign tourists always want to come to experience. Ninh Binh is not only makes people admire as the greatness of nature, but also makes the traveler croon by the plain, peaceful nature of the humanoid countryside and the humidity typical of the region. In this article, we will visit a local cuisine, via Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan Tam coc.

Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan
Ninh Binh is famous with a lot of food specialties – Fermented Beef (Nem Chua) – Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan

And Ninh Binh- the land “secretly love to steal your heart” has made the children who are far from home are always painful to urge to return to step back, find the source circuit and contribute their efforts to the development and reach incessantly of his land. And perhaps, the mother nature has very much in favor and offered to Ninh Hai village has many valuable privileges to where it is today like the jewel in the picture of tourism in Ninh Binh in particular and Vietnam in general.

Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan
Goat meat and burned softy rice is ”signature dishes” in Ninh Binh – Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan Tam coc

The love of the hometown and the desire to get rich on the land itself was born which has given rise to many startup stories and Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan  is the same story.

Through many endless efforts, from the village women paddle day by day to bring visitors to all regions to experience, relax, or drop their soul into the scene of Tam Coc River. Because it is the hardworking of agricultural life, and the approach of new ideas from the world’s travelers, which makes Ms. Loan to motivate for learning foreign languages. Luckily, in special trip Ms. Loan meets the French couple is the one who adopted her and supported to open her small business project as “Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan” to help many tourists in the world to come and enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. “Restaurant Chez Loan ” is a mixture of French and Viet Nam culture, and cozy, comfortable but still delicate, warm space to create a relaxing atmosphere in ancient Vietnamese style.

Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan
in front of restaurant is mini bonsai moutain – Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan

Situated between the limestone peaks and the quiet rice paddies from Tam Coc village, about 800 meters, restaurant chez Loan is consists of two sets separated by a large pond in front of a huge rooftop restaurant serving moderate weather, a small four-storied building with a dining room and 12 single rooms, double and twin rooms and a huge family room. A small one-storied building in the back offers two bedrooms, one with a balcony on the small river that surrounds both sides of the hotel. At the edge of the water are also two large brick bungalows with small lounge and terrace.

Ninh Binh restaurant
Boutique friendly design interior – Ninh Binh restaurant chez Loan

On the other side of the pond, Ms Loan opened a second set of two large bricks on the water containing two bedrooms, as well as a small two-storied building with four huge deluxe rooms (one for the disabled), a small bar with large flower terrace and a large swimming pool.

Ninh Binh restaurant
Chez Loan nature bungalow will be coming soon

The rooms of this 4-storey building are of small standard with large beds and small beds. Other rooms, high end, twin or twins, some with balcony with Family Room (50 m²) have three King size beds. Wooden bungalows feature two king beds and river floor. The deluxe rooms (25 m²) have one or two king-size beds and all rooms, elegantly decorated, have a nice bathroom (shower only – hairdryer), refrigerator (except for small standard rooms), cable TV, free Wi-Fi and combined hot / cold air conditioning.

Stewed pork with coconut in Ninh Binh Prime Day tour by Genesis – Ninh Binh restaurant

And the success of Chez Loan Restaurant not only comes from the luxury design, the architecture that holds the footsteps of travelers near and far from the sophistication, picky, characteristic of each dish brings a residual the taste of the ancient capital. Therefore, mentioning Ninh Binh, people will not forget a familiar specialty of “goat meat” and “fried rice” like the love story of cuisine in Vietnam.

Perhaps, you have been to Ninh Binh to escape the feelings of yourself, or have not once set foot to discover a gentle, delicate land that does not subtle leave. If you are still wondering what the next step, join Genesis Cruises & Tours to bring Ninh Binh closer in your footsteps. Just try to believe Genesis Cruises & Tours once because when you arrive in Ninh Binh sure you will say many things, let’s backpack up and let’s go in Ninh Binh Prime Day Tour.

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