Hunt the sunset in afternoon tea break of Ninh Binh day tour

 “Lời chào đón khắp miền đất nước
Về Ninh Bình sơn cước cỏ lau
Xưa kia Bộ Lĩnh đứng đầu
Dẹp mười hai xứ hát câu an bình”
(Ninh Binh Vietnam)

Afternoon tea break in a tour of Ninh Binh Vietnam

The above poem means ‘’welcome to Ninh Binh, beautiful countryside. In the past, Dinh King united the country, all sing the song of peace’’.

Ninh Binh Vietnam
Ninh Binh is beautiful countryside, not far from Hanoi 

Referring to Ninh Binh Vietnam the land not only makes people admire the cultural history of the ancient capital thousand but also immediately surprised by the beauty of the scenery, the natural masterpieces, charming painting, no need to decorate also touch your heart every occasion to visit.
Genesis  came to Ninh Binh Vietnam as a grace after many times missing an appointment, the land and the people here have inspired the Gen team urges simmering programs attractive tour and interesting mounts friends in five continents to get closer  and enjoy the exciting experience in the different tour in Ninh Binh – the land of great lovers. With young, passionate, creative, Genesis has marked the first steps in the journey Ninh Binh Prime Day Tour in April 2018, would like to introduce the best of nature, people and culture to enjoy the simple experience when coming to Ninh Binh.
Ninh Binh home stay              Bamboo home-stay is ideal place to enjoy the ambience of countryside – created by Genesis

Ninh Binh day tours popular tours usually held every day for foreign visitors many years so far. There are not many new features in the tour is often superficial and activities in the tour mainly visit two main sites are rowing in Tam Coc and visit Hoa Lu ancient capital. Hoa Lu is the capital but the palace and the wall was destroyed, only two small temples are King Dinh and King Le. Guests who do not understand English well or do not understand the explanations from the Guide or Asian guests will not feel impressed by this place. About rowing boat  at Tam Coc cave is still interesting activities many years, but currently not enough to attract the “dominate” the whole program Ninh Binh one day tour.

Ninh Binh Vietnam
This is most relaxing moment of Ninh Binh prime day tour in itinerary. What is better than a beer in sun down moment? – Afternoon tea break

After evaluating the limitations of regular tours, Genesis has developed a unique tour program from the attractive places as well as exciting activities on the tour. To provide the most luxury experience for visitors when joining Ninh Binh day tours, this schedule brings a balance of activity – relaxation and culture – the most natural. There are many new features and new destinations have been included in the program such as exploring the uniqueness of Bich Dong Pagoda, cycling to visit the local village of Dam Khe, or learn the traditional culture of Vietnamese history and find out why Ninh Binh is called as “Ha Long Bay on land” when you visit Co Vien Lau … Besides, another interesting and new activity is the afternoon tea break combination of ” sunset hunting ”.

Afternoon tea break
A glass of mojito also to me a ”missed part” in this moment – Afternoon tea break

“Afternoon tea break ” is a bright spot to bring different experience for travelers to Ninh Binh Prime day tour. After studying and searching, Genesis has brought the culture of England combined with the natural countryside of Ninh Binh to bring a pleasant experience and memorable for foreign visitors, making them say goodbye Ninh Binh but the heart is still reluctant to leave.

And in the sunset activity in the mountains of Ninh Binh, visitors enjoy an hour of relaxing on the beautiful bungalows from 4-5pm to watch the sunset in the majestic mountainous forest in Ninh Binh Vietnam – the sight of the previous guests have to sleep overnight in Ninh Binh to see . While enjoying the view, visitors enjoy a glass of tea, cocktails and dropping your soul into the sunset, tired day is released only the sound of nature to balance cultural and natural.

You also could show your skill with some set of billiard here

It can be said, if dawn, human beings awake in the dawn of warm sunshine, mischievous twilight looks wild. Space brings a look of illusory light shimmer and the footsteps become relaxed, gentle pace as people slow down at sunset. Hunting the sunset, visitors as if dropping into the watery painting of poetic majesty, feeling in the eye is filled with purple dreams, far away where the wings of birds rushed back to the nest, the buffalo waddled step long on the levee and the scene seems to slow down by the film interwoven to make the traveler feel very secure.

Afternoon tea break
Or just immerse yourself in the nature of Vietnam in an Afternoon tea break

The afternoon tea break takes place at the Bamboo bungalow, located in a valley where mountains surround the fields where the romantic river flows, creating a natural, tranquil setting. The mountains open to the west, allowing guests to easily watch the sunset. When hunting the sunset, visitors are relaxed on the bamboo chairs by the river enjoy the unforgettable experience in the program Ninh Binh Prime Day Tour.

Enjoy the aftertaste afternoon tea, immersed in the wild nature, majestic in the ancient capital rich cultural values and history. When coming to Ninh Binh tourists not only departure trip to visit but also the journey back to yourself with the unique feelings and nuance in the land has gone through. Ninh Binh one day tour with Genesis will bring Ninh Binh – the rich former capital of nature closer to friends in five continents and build itself a picture and different position on the tourist map.

Come to Ninh Binh Vietnam with Genesis to write your own story on every journey you go through!

Written by Tracy Nguyen
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Afternoon tea break


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