Visit Tam Coc on the foot-rowed boat

Tam Coc means Ba Hang (three caves), also called Xuyen Thuy Dong (water tunnel), located in Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. Far from this area is the sea of waves flapping through the centuries eroded into the cliffs create strange shapes. Just only one way to visit to Tam Coc have only one waterway that takes about 2 hours and this activity is most highlight when you visit Ninh Binh.

Sitting on the boat, surfing lightly on the river Ngo Dong in the quiet space to visit Tam Coc, visitors can feel the clearness of the space here, no car horns, no explosion, no sound beam or the mazes in the city, only the sound of the paddle lightly, the wind, the wind and the cliffs through the rock, the birds singing each drop of space in the air and the sound of small tongues like the way keeping the pace of the rock.

Tam Coc

At the rhythm of the boat, visitors will be immersed in the green of the rice paddies along the banks of the Ngo Dong River with the same message. Hang Ca is the largest and most beautiful cave of Xuyen Thuy Dong, with a length of 127m, under a large mountain crossing two large mountains along the Ngo Dong River. When the boat enters the cave, visitors will feel cool and not surprised by the stalactites to let down … boat to the visitors to the door to continue the journey to visit the second and third cave…

It is almost the same as in First cave but after 2 caves are shorter and lower. If the first time visit here, when the water surface has not been paddle oar, looking under the river, water will reflex images of beautiful clouds. Guests feel that the cave is only for water and clouds. For the adventurous tourists can sail further on the river more than 2km to visit Tien (fairy) stream. Fairy stream with clear water can see each flock of fish swimming in the moss layers at the bottom. According to legend, the place where old Tien often go down the bath so called Tien stream …

On the way back the wharf, walk about 50m visitors will encounter Thien Huong cave with a height of over 60m. In the back of this cave there is a straight up to the top of the mountain – the road to heaven. Another 50m walk is Thai Vi Temple, built in the 13th century, where King Tran Thai Tong (the first king of Tran) worshiped. Thai Vi temple was built in the style of “foreign interior”. In front of the shrine is Ngoc stone house built of green stone, behind the temple is Cam Son mountain stand horns. Thai Vi temple is a work of art of human integrate with the masterpiece of nature.

Leave the boat dock Near the 3km further, visitors continue to visit Bich Dong Pagoda, one of the famous sights known as “Nam Thien De Nhi Dong” (second greatest pagoda in the Northern sky). Bich Dong Pagoda is an ancient structure, curved roof, dignified statue was built on the high side of the mountain, based on the mountain. Visitors will be guided to visit the dark, deep and quiet … nature has been hard for so many centuries to create the “stone statues”. Not far from Bich Dong Pagoda is a gorgeous Tien cave located on the side of a majestic mountain with many surprises for guests. The mountains, caves and temples here have created a harmony and have a strange attraction to visitors. Bich Dong is a perfect beauty and eternity.

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By Sandie Chen

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